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Eco Funding

What is ECO Funding?

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a government funding scheme that offers free grants towards a broad range of energy saving measures. ECO funding is aimed at helping those in disadvantaged and hard to treat homes.

ECO Funding is designed to reduced installation costs of critical home improvements such as insulation and heating for eligible householders who qualify due to living conditions and personal circumstances (benefits, age and place of residence).

Originally the Government started Eco funding for two years ending March 2015 but then it extended to March 2017 which was called the Eco2 funding scheme. In this period the Government made some drastic changes to the whole funding criteria and eligibility. From April 2017 the Governments new Eco Transition scheme for energy improvements for domestic homes is called ECO2T Which will run until September 2018. In ECO2T the Government has widened the criteria of qualifications for grants but lowered the grant figure so no one will get a free boiler but more people will get help towards installing a new energy efficient boiler.

New qualification criteria is as follows:

In order to qualify for funding towards energy saving home improvements from us you must:

A Receive one of the following benefits

OR B Receive Tax Credits

OR C Receive Universal Credit

How Do I Apply For The Eco Funding Scheme?

To find out more or to check if you’re eligible, call 0121 728 7912, or fill out our online enquiry form here and we’ll get right back to you.

For independent advice you can also contact the Energy Saving Trust for more details.