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The smart choice for heating and hot water

Intergas has been at the forefront of domestic boiler manufacture in the Netherlands for over 40 years; its roots, however, go back to 1939, when it was involved in domestic products of quite a different kind.In 1989 Intergas launched its first condensing boiler in the Netherlands. This was the first country to take the energy efficiency credentials of boilers seriously and this propelled Intergas into pole position, becoming the leading brand in condensing boiler technology.

Two-in-one heat exchanger with double high efficiency?

The invention of the two-in-one Double High Efficiency heat exchanger in 1996 revolutionised boiler technology. Now, for the first time, a combination high efficiency boiler, with significantly fewer components than any other product on the market, was available. Its innovative design eliminated the need for a secondary domestic hot water plate heat exchanger, diverter valve and auto-air vent, all significant sources of possible future component failure. Moreover, thanks to this technology high-efficiency was combined in both domestic hot water and central heating modes. The energy conscious approach to the Intergas boiler design continues to help households save energy and money. The two-in-one heat exchanger is produced in factories in Germany and the Netherlands to Intergas’s exacting standards. The unrivalled reliability is covered by a 10 year warranty.

The heat exchanger

Intergas uses a unique back-to-back, two-in-one aluminium heat exchanger. In this aluminium heat exchanger two copper circuits are integrated, one for heating and one for hot water. Because the hot water is heated directly (instead of indirectly as is the case in all other boilers) the Intergas boiler condenses 100% of the time, in heating mode as well as in the hotwater mode