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Key Benefits

✓   Ideal for renovation with a flow temperature of 70°C (at an outside temperature down to -10°C)

✓   Climate Protect  +++  : preserves the environment and the climate thanks to the use of the natural and ecological refrigerant R290 (propane) with an extremely low GWP100 (global warming potential over 100 years) of 0.02

✓   Hydro AutoControl: enables reliable operation and high performance

✓   Service Link: guarantees faster intervention in the event of a breakdown or maintenance

✓   Low operating costs thanks to high efficiency, COP (coefficient of performance) according to EN 14511: up to 5.0 (at A7/W35)

✓   Cylinder capacity: 190 litre

✓   60% space saving available on the internal unit compared to similar models

✓   Integrated energy management system provides transparency of energy consumption and costs

✓   Simple control via the ViCare app

Maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption

Reliable, compact and greener than ever: the latest innovative Viessmann heat pump technology makes it possible to use energy from the ambient air for heating and cooling. With a flow temperature of up to 70°C, the Vitocal 151-A model was designed specifically for renovation. You can continue to use your existing radiators, without necessarily having underfloor heating. The strong points: high energy efficiency, simple operation via a dedicated app, long-lasting operation and an attractive design.

Space saving installation

Vitocal 151-A, indoor unit (left) and outdoor unit (right)

Frequently asked questions about heat pumps

Climate Protect +++ preserves the environment and the climate

The new heat pumps in the Vitocal 15x range use the refrigerant R290 (propane), which is considered particularly environmentally friendly and has an extremely low GWP100 (100-year global warming potential) of 0.02.

Hydro AutoControl – reliable operation at maximum efficiency

Modern heat pumps from Viessmann work with the patented Hydro AutoControl® hydraulic system, which allows the heat pump to be operated reliably at maximum efficiency over its entire service life. This unique design allows on the one hand a much faster implementation of the heat pump, associated with reduced installation costs, on the other hand to have a much less bulky system, since it is up to 60% more compact than its market competitors.

Compatible with both existing radiator setups and underfloor heating.

Frequently asked questions about heat pumps

Service Link – faster intervention in the event of breakdown or maintenance

Thanks to wireless technology, the devices of the Vitocal 151-A series are permanently connected to the Viessmann service centre at no additional cost. Any faults are communicated directly and without delay to the installer, who can immediately take the necessary measures. This avoids any unnecessary travel, saving time and money.

Vitocal 151-A cross section outdoor unit

Vitocal 151-A cross section indoor unit

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