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ecoTEC plus regular

The regular open vent boiler for any home


Every home is different. But the ecoTEC plus open vent boiler, with its range of heating outputs, is so flexible it can meet the demands of a whole range of homes and different lifestyles.

*5 years out of the box guarantee. 10 year free extended Advance guarantee available when fitted with a boiler protection kit, excludes 48 and 64kW light commercial boilers

General Information

It’s cupboard-size compact and has a rear flue option available to give you more choice where you put it.

But just because it’s small, you don’t have to compromise on performance. Because we know that’s what you want from your boiler. You want it to be efficient, easy to use, reliable and quiet.

Its straightforward backlit display, its aluminium heat exchanger and its premium components all mean that with the ecoTEC plus you can go tick, tick and tick.

And it’s smart too: when it knows you don’t need as much heating power, it can drop to using 16% of its maximum power saving on fuel and money.

At Vaillant we are working towards low carbon solutions today. As part of the HyDeploy project, Vaillant boilers have been tested with up to 20% hydrogen blended with Natural Gas, and we are currently undergoing many tests to each of our boilers to validate their compatibility with up to 20% hydrogen.

Free 5 year out the box guarantee. Upgrade to 10 year free extended guarantee when registered with Vaillant Advance with a boiler protection kit (excludes 48 and 64kW light commercial boilers).