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You may not be familiar with Intergas

However they are the brand leading boiler manufacturer in the Netherlands, their home country, and why you’ll never regret going Dutch. For over 50 years Intergas have been pioneers in innovative boiler design but, in 1989, they developed the ultimate boiler. It was a completely new kind of condensing boiler, totally unique, one that was so simple yet advanced, it remains at the cutting edge of boiler technology today. What this means is that all Intergas boilers have a maximum of four moving parts (some only have three) and, with fewer parts, there’s less to go wrong. Then there’s Intergas’ bithermic heat exchanger, the patented heart of every Intergas combi boiler, which enables these boilers to condense virtually all the time, using less energy, lowering emissions and saving you money. So if you’re looking for an efficient and economical boiler that will look after you, your family and the environment, then Intergas is the smart boiler choice.

About The INTERGAS Shop

Since 2017 The Intergas Shop has been a specialist online merchant who stock and supply Intergas boilers, Intergas spare parts and the very best products for the Intergas range of boilers. Our customers continuously testify that our Intergas product knowledge & aftersales support is second to none and unrivalled by other online stores. If you have any product questions, simply give us a call or send us an email!

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