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Regular Boilers

What Is A Regular Boiler

A regular boiler, sometimes known as a conventional boiler, traditional boiler or even a heat-only boiler, is designed to provide your home’s heating and hot water with the support of an additional cold water tank and hot water cylinder.

A regular boiler system is made up of three parts:

Benefits of Regular boilers include:

Perfect for busy homes

Family homes can demand lots of hot water, often at the same time. The hot water storage tank in a traditional boiler system is perfect for meeting high demand.

Compatible with low water pressure

Traditional boilers can operate effectively even if your mains water pressure is low, plus they will deliver the same level of flow however many taps and showers are running.

Easy upgrade for older homes

Conventional boilers are an easier, faster way to replace the heating system in an older property – utilising existing pipework and preserving classic radiators.