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Heating Controls

Heating Controls are used to regulate the temperature within your home, so that your heating system becomes more cost effective and is efficient in its use. They allow you to choose when your heating system switches on and off as well as allow you to regulate the temperature. Here are some of the Heating controls/regulators we have to offer

Room Thermostats and Programmable Timers

Room thermostats allow you to control the temperature you require in your home. Room thermostats automatically switch on the heating system when the temperature drops below the level you have set and automatically turns off your heating when the temperature you require is achieved.
Programmable Timer enables accurate control over the time you require your heating and hot water system to switch on and turn off. Programmers also have a 7-day function which allows you to set your systems individually to your personal needs.
The latest programmers and thermostats have both functions (time and temperature control) and can either be hard wired or remote controlled.

Thermostat Radiator Valves (TRV’s)

Thermostatic Radiator Valves are used to control the temperature of a room, by switching off the radiator when necessary. So if the radiator temperature rises above the set temperature, the TRV automatically shuts off the radiator and if the radiator temperature falls below the set value then the radiator switches on. This helps make your heating system more efficient.

Smart Heating Controls

Smart Heating Controls and Thermostats are devices that can be used with home automation and are responsible for controlling a home’s heating and Hot water. Like a connected thermostat, they are connected to the Internet. They allow you to adjust the heating settings from other internet-connected devices, such as smartphones.


Smart radiator valves, sometimes called smart radiator thermostats, take your smart home heating controls to the next level. They can be programmed and controlled remotely through your smartphone, meaning you can control temperature of individual rooms. Pair them up with a smart thermostat and you can set up a heating schedule that runs completely by itself.

How do smart radiator valves work?

Many homes already have thermostatic radiator valves (or TRVs for short) on their radiators. They work by detecting the temperature of the room and turn the radiator on or off depending on whether the room needs heating up or not. 

Having TRVs installed on your radiators allows you to set the temperature in individual rooms. This makes it easier for you to keep rooms at a consistent and comfortable temperature and save on heating bills by only heating the rooms you need to.

The function of a smart radiator valve (or SRV for short) is exactly the same, but with these four key advantages:

Boiler Plus

Boiler Plus, came into force on 6th April 2018 in England and is part of the government’s ‘Clean Growth Strategy’ to deliver high levels of efficiency and comfort, based on a resident’s property and lifestyle, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Boiler Plus is an amendment to Part L of the Building Regulations and is solely concerned with heating and hot water, which means it directly affects you. You may already be compliant in your domestic installations – in fact you may be well ahead of these regulations – but here are the three specific minimum standards you are required to meet:

· weather compensation
· load compensation
· flue gas heat recovery
· smart control