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Utilise free solar energy for generating power using photovoltaics

With energy costs rising and concerns over global warming mounting, solar photovoltaic (PV) energy solutions are becoming increasingly popular. These solar PV systems allow people to take advantage of the free energy provided by the sun to generate electricity for their homes.

They provide power for household appliances, and any surplus energy that is generated can be exported to the grid. Thanks to the financial savings they bring, modern, efficient photovoltaic systems can pay for themselves within just a few years. An added benefit of these systems is the fact that they can increase the value of your property, providing a further financial incentive to invest in them. Also, they don’t make any noise or generate pollution when in use.

Made from high-grade, corrosion-resistant materials, Viessmann’s solar PV solutions are exceptionally efficient, reliable and long-lasting.

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Photovoltaics product types

PV Modules

Viessmann’s advanced photovoltaic modules are suitable for installation on the roofs of houses, apartment buildings and industrial and commercial premises.

The Vitovolt Family

Our Vitovolt photovoltaic modules are characterised by high yield capacity, uncompromising quality and guaranteed safety.

Design & Technology

Viessmann PV technology comprises a series of expertly coordinated components, including PV modules, inverters and installation systems. To increase the use of power generated on site, they can be combined with power storage systems and heat pumps. All of our PV installations are designed to provide impressive efficiency and a long service life.

When you come to us for your solar PV system, you will benefit from a comprehensive service, from planning and sizing the installation right through to delivery and servicing.

As well as exceptional performance, our photovoltaic products are created with aesthetics in mind. The attractive panels can complement any rooftop, adding appeal to your property.

System concept for high proportion of own consumption

Power storage systems

We offer power storage systems to help you get the very most from your PV installation. A power storage system will increase your consumption of energy generated on your property, boosting the efficiency of your PV setup. The system will charge a power storage unit when there is a surplus of electricity generated on site. This stored power can later be used to operate household appliances. If the storage unit is fully charged, any excess power will be exported to the grid.

Solar power generated at your property costs less than getting electricity from the grid, so it makes financial sense to use as much of the electricity created by your PV system as possible. Our power storage system, complete with perfectly matched components, helps you do precisely this.

[1] PV system[2] PV inverter[3] PV meter with reverse block[4] Consumer[5] Electricity meter (HP)[6] Heat pump with Vitotronic 200 (Type WO1C)[7] Consumption and feed-in meter[8] Public grid

The optimum system concept with Viessmann heat pumps

To further harness the free energy provided by the sun, you can combine your solar PV system with a heat pump. For best results, we have developed a matched system that includes both photovoltaics and a heat pump. Using an energy meter, the heat pump control unit detects whether enough power is being supplied by the PV system to operate the pump. When the heat pump receives power, it provides heating and domestic hot water (DHW).

We also offer the option of integrating additional components, such as ventilation equipment.

Measured data and adaptive logic

Using adaptive logic and measured data, the control unit calculates when there will be demand for DHW, heating or cooling. Depending on the level of demand calculated, the heat pump can supply heat to the heating system, DHW cylinder or heating water buffer cylinder. Or the heat pump can instead provide cooling for your home or business premises.

The energy needs of domestic appliances are given priority use, meaning they are supplied with available power before the heat pump is activated. Once the requirements of these appliances has been met, an energy meter captures the remaining solar power. This can then be stored as thermal energy and used when needed.

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Photovoltaic FAQs

Want to know more about photovoltaics and their suitability for your home? Check out our FAQs page.