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Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB (049708)

Model Reference: 049708

Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB (049708) | 7 Year Warranty* |

The Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB is a 42.5kW system boiler and can be used on Sealed or Open Vented heating systems. The Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB features OpenTherm technology as standard and as an A-rated boiler (93% ErP), it is part of Intergas’ efficient boiler range. Find out more about the Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB below.

Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB (049708)

Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB box contents:

1x Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB boiler

1x Condensate Hose

BOILER FLUE IS NOT INCLUDED - Please choose your flue from the 'Intergas Flues' page on the website. Please note: An Intergas Fitting Kit will be required to fit this boiler.

The INTERGAS Shop's Compact HRE overview

The Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB system boiler is a central heating only boiler. It is designed to supply your home with all the warmth you need. The infinitely modulating regulation automatically adjusts the capacity of the boiler to your requirements. The Compact HRE 40 SB not only works with the regular ‘on/off’ thermostats but also with programmable room thermostats. The built in frost thermostat protects your system against any frost related damage. A hot water storage cylinder can be added to the Compact HRE SB, enabling the boiler to heat the hot water supply as well.

The unsurpassed high efficiency of the Intergas Compact HRE SB ensures economical operation, year after year. Using these boilers means that you are contributing to caring for the environment. Thanks to the economical operation of the Intergas boiler a considerable saving in energy consumption is achieved. A switch mode power supply reduces the so called ‘stand by’ losses to almost zero! Not surprisingly all Intergas Compact HRE SB boilers have been given a SEDBUK A rating, the highest efficiency band available.

The heat exchanger forms the heart of every high efficiency boiler. That is why intergas over many years have given so much expert attention to this specific component. Intergas is now one of the market leaders in innovative heat exchanger design. The heat exchanger of the Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB high efficiency system boiler has over a period of more than 10 years proven to be extremely reliable.

Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB Features:


Central Heating:

Input: 7.8 – 42.5kW

Boiler dimensions and weight:

Height: 710mm
Width: 450mm
Depth: 240mm
Weight: 36kg

Flue Length:

Max Horizontal: 10m
Max Vertical: 10m
Standard flue diameter: 60/100mm

If you require anymore information regarding the specification, please take a look at this link – Intergas Brochure

If you have any questions about the Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB, you can email us.