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Intergas Rapid

The Intergas Rapid combines high efficiency in both hot water and central heating modes and Intergas’ “budget” combi condenses virtually 100% of the time its producing hot water – an energy-saving feature that’s hard to beat. By adding state-of-the-art OpenTherm controls (such as Honeywell Home T6R or Drayton Wiser Thermostat Kit 1), even more energy can be saved, while increasing your comfort.

The Intergas Rapid is available in two power outputs 25kW and 32kW to suit most residential properties hot water needs. The Rapid can easily be converted to open vent, open vent combi, system boiler and multipoint water heater by a simple change within the parameter settings.

* Please note, if you live in an apartment that’s over 18 metres high, then you can only install a boiler that has a metal flue. The Intergas Rapid’s flue is made from aluminium and steel and was the first high-rise compliant boiler available in the UK when the Building Regulations changed in 2019.

Intergas Rapid 32 Plus | 049947

Intergas Rapid 25 Plus | 049937

Intergas Rapid 32 | 049927

Intergas Rapid 25 | 049917

Intergas System Filter (090897)

Intergas System Filter & Chemical Pack (090044)

Intergas Rapid Horizontal Flue Kit | 083442

Intergas Rapid Plume Management Kit | 083445

Intergas Pitched Roof Weather Slate | 087910

Intergas Rapid 1000mm Flue Extension | 086649

Intergas Rapid Vertical Flue Adaptor | 086807

Intergas Rapid 1000mm Plume Management Extension |

Intergas Rapid Plume Management 60° Bend | 082056

Intergas Rapid 90° Flue Bend | 087617

Intergas Rapid 45° Flue Bend | 087616

Intergas Rapid Rear Spacer Frame | 093797

Intergas Flat Roof Weather Slate (087372)

Intergas Rapid Plume Management 90° Bend | 082057

Intergas LPG Conversion Kit 525 (076077)

Intergas LPG Conversion Kit 480 (076067)