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Oil Boilers – Efficient and Reliable Heating Systems

Our modern cast iron oil-fired boilers offer a reliable, durable and efficient heating solution.

Modern oil heating technology

Today’s leading oil heating technology is clean-burning and efficient. Unlike older systems, which are often outdated and unclean, modern oil heating can reduce fossil fuel consumption and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Oil heating technology from Viessmann delivers maximum performance and comfort year after year. All of our oil-fired boilers come with a high-quality heat exchanger which uses a highly efficient triple-pass design, and this leads to economical energy consumption, high operational reliability and a long service life. From single-family homes to apartment buildings and commercial projects with large heating requirements, we have the right oil boiler for every need.

Residential oil boilers

Vitorond 100

An affordable heating solution with proven quality and performance. Vitorond 100 is a genuine triple-pass oil-fired boiler of cast iron sectional design.
Rated input: 91 to 245 MBH.

Commercial oil boilers

Vitorond 200

Efficient, durable and reliable. Vitorond 200 is an oil-/gas-fired sectional cast iron hot water heating boiler, with triple-pass heat exchanger surface for operation with modulating water temperatures.
Rated input: 490 to 4387 MBH.

Good reasons to update your heating system

In many cases, a boiler 15 years or older can mean a higher-than-necessary heating bill. By investing in a high-tech, low-temperature boiler from Viessmann, you can lower your heating bill significantly and reduce your impact on the environment. Plus, you will benefit from increased reliability and the peace of mind that comes with owning a new heating system. With fluctuating energy prices and a growing concern for the environment, it pays to modernize your outdated oil-fired boiler. You will save money, and the environment too.

Save money and reduce emissions

By replacing an old heating system with a new low-temperature heating boiler, you can expect to save as much as 30% on your annual heating costs, when using an outdoor reset control with a proper heat loss calculation. This not only results in significant cost savings, but also environmental savings with reduced CO₂ emissions.


How to save with Viessmann heating technology

Compared to traditional boilers that operate at a high water temperature all the time, our oil boilers modulate the boiler water to the outdoor temperature. For you, this means a significant reduction in heating costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

In addition to this, our Vitorond oil-fired boilers have a triple-pass heat exchanger, which is designed to achieve a high level of efficiency while providing exceptional comfort. Unlike single-pass boilers, the Vitorond boiler guides flue gasses through the heat exchanger three times, allowing the greatest amount of heat extraction to be achieved. This design significantly increases the efficiency of the boiler and results in excellent fuel utilization, reducing emissions and your heating costs.

Our extensive product portfolio lets you take efficiency and energy savings a step further. Reduce your energy costs by integrating hot water production with your heating boiler, and manage the entire system with one of our control solutions. Or put the sun to work for you by adding a solar thermal package. With the entire system from one source, you don’t have to compromise – total system performance and additional energy savings go hand-in-hand.