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Viessmann Vitodens system 200-W

Germany manufacturer Viessmann have been operating since 1917, with their Headquarters situated in Allendorf, Germany, with 23 production companies in 12 countries with over 12,000 employees across the world.
Viessmann acquired the American company Carrier in 2023, one of the giants of the World in the heating and refrigeration market and have technically become one of the world biggest heating and refrigeration manufacturers.
As a result, they’ve been able to build a company now making great leaps in technological development with German reliability and quality.
Although they’ve been operating for over a century, it was 1989 when they finally made their way to the UK shores. Concentrating on the commercial heating market, providing boilers for hospital, stadiums and hotels as well as catering for the domestic heating market.
Their headquarters in the UK are based in Telford, Shropshire. As a company now worth well over £2 billion, they’ve clearly been able to enjoy a lot of international presence.
Viessmann have extended into the domestic heating market as a company that strive to be innovative. They’re enjoying the similar success producing superior boilers.

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W

Viessmann Top of The Range System Boiler Offering Unrivalled Performance and Efficiency

Viessmann Vitodens 200-W System Boiler

11Kw19Kw25Kw + 32Kw
Ideal For
Small HomesMedium Sizes HomesBigger Homes With 2 Baths
DHW Flow Rates
400(W) x 700(H) x 360(D)400(W) x 700(H) x 360(D)400(W) x 700(H) x 360(D)
Comparable ToComparable To NO PEERS….